3 Adorable Spring Hairstyles for Kids with Natural Hair

Even though it still feels like winter in most places, Spring has officially arrived.
Aside from the influx of allergies and floral patterns, spring is the season of natural hair. Naturalistas everywhere can finally take down their long term protective styles, and let their locks free.

Natural Hair in the Media

In 1963, after centuries of eurocentric hairstyles dominating the public eye and perception of beauty, Cicely Tyson made a bold decision to walk into a Harlem barber shop and ask the barber to cut her hair so short that nothing but her natural curls were left…

5 Woke Black Girls We Wish We Knew as Kids

We’ve entered an era of the woke Black girl, where black girls everywhere are encouraged by the women who came before them and the societal cool factor of consciousness to take action to change their circumstances.