How To Take Care of Your Healthy Roots Doll: Doll Care 101

Healthy Roots Dolls' hair are full of curl power. Their hair can be washed and styled like real hair, and that’s what makes them special. ❤️

Below are instructions to make the most out of your play experience with your doll and styling their hair. These tips are not just for our dolls, but for your little one’s hair. Practicing on your dolls is a great way to teach your daughter how to take care of her natural hair.

Their hair is different from your average doll, but it is not indestructible which means it requires regular care and maintenance. To avoid matting, tangling and excessive shedding, follow the instructions below to show her curls some love.

Doll Care 101: Do’s and Don’ts


DO wash your doll’s hair. Their hair is a unique fiber full of #curlpower specifically designed to be washed and styled like real hair. We highly encourage practicing with your doll on washday. 

DON’T wash your doll’s hair every day. Do not wash your doll’s hair more than once a week. Over manipulation will diminish the quality of her hair over time.  When shampoo is applied daily, this can dry out the hair strands, leading to damage and breakage. Click here for more things you shouldn’t do to curly hair. 

DO style your doll’s hair. We love seeing the creative hairstyles kids try with Zoe and her curlfriends. From Bantu knots to box braids, the possibilities are endless.

DON’T style your doll’s hair while it is dry. Like natural hair, it is best to style while wet with a product to minimize tangles and breakage. Detangle your doll's hair regularly to maintain their curls.

DO air dry styles. They are patient and love to air dry all of their styles for the best looks. 

DON’T apply any heat to their hair. Healthy Roots Dolls loves to embrace their hair naturally. They do not like blowouts or heat because they're scared of heat damage. Heat tools can make weak points in curly hair which could lead to breakage.  

DO play with your doll. Our dolls are flexible. They can do splits, bend over backward, and sit. Your child can pose and style their doll in many ways. 

DON’T force your dolls limbs to bend unnaturally. We have designed our dolls for play! But they're still a plastic doll, so please refrain from positioning the doll in a way that can damage her joints. Going to the hospital for a broken limb is never fun. 

DO take your doll on adventures. They loves exploring the world. Take her with you to school, the park, and on vacation. 

DON’T put your doll in the bathtub. Healthy Roots Dolls can not swim. They're not intended for bathtub play, and it will be difficult to remove the water from the doll’s body. Do not submerge your dolll in baths, pools, or showers.

Styling Care Tips

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  • Always wet your dolls hair before brushing. Similar to your own, add moisture to the hair to make it easy to detangle 
  • Be gentle when brushing your dolls hair 
  • It is easy to sit the doll between your legs when brushing to hold her steady, or you can ask someone to hold her while you brush 
  • To work out tangles, hold the scalp and upper parts of the hair with one hand and the brush in the other hand. Start at the bottom of the hair, and brush the ends of her hair. Work your way up one centimeter at a time (or less if very tangled)
  • Be careful to work tangles out, rather than breaking and ripping them out
  • Frizziness may be caused by leaving it in a tangled state or by rough treatment when brushing 


  • Be very careful that you do not get your dolls eyes wet. Make sure she is always face-up so the water does not run into her eyes
  • You can wash your dolls hair with any product 
  • To dry the hair, use a towel to squeeze out the water. Do not blow-dry your dolls hair.
  • Let it dry naturally. It may take overnight 
  • Practice the LCO method. Always use a leave-in product, cream, and oil to keep your dolls hair moisturized and manageable 


  • To style hair, use a brush or a comb. Healthy Roots Dolls' loves their Denman brush. 
  • Misting with water and using a styling cream product will assist in providing semi-permanent styling. 
  • We do not recommend using heat on your doll’s hair. This means no blow dryers, curling irons, hot curlers, hot combs, or any other heat device. The heat will damage the hair.

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