Karma’s Hair is Not ‘Normal’ and She Likes It That Way!

What is “Normal Hair”? Karma’s World tackles that question in episode 3, “Hair Comes Trouble,” which highlights experiences and conversations many black girls have about their hair.  Karma’s World is an animated musical world that highlights the experiences of a black girl while addressing topics such as bullying, friendship, and school. 

In “Hair Comes Trouble,” Karma has a sleepover with three friends. Karma chooses an avatar with curly hair to make a digital avatar. One of her friends asked Karma if she could do her hair like normal people, and Karma immediately responded, stating, “Do you mean can black people do their hair like yours?

This instance led to her friends asking many questions about her hair and even touching it before she went to sleep while putting on her bonnet. Questions like “You wear a hat to sleep?” & “Can I touch it? Wow, it’s softer than I thought it would be”.

Many naturals can resonate with Karma’s experience of trying to explain her hair to her friends, but it is also a great conversation starter for parents. We love how we saw Karma debating about changing her hair to fit the “norm” as most naturals have done, but we quickly realize she loves her curls. 

This episode can help kids navigate conversations that may be difficult when coming from loved ones and friends about their hair, especially if it’s different from others. We love how Karma is looking out for curlfriends all over! She’s showing them how to rock their curls, navigate conversations about their fro, and be proud of their hair. 

Check out the entire season 1 of Karma’s World on Netflix. 

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