Natural Hair Braiding: Do’s and Don’ts

Originating in Africa, Braids have been a historical legacy in the black community since 3500 BC. Braids are a common go-to protective style, protecting natural hair from cold air, humidity, heat, and chemical damage. 

Braids are low manipulation, do not require daily care, and last up to 2 months. Zoe told you all about her top 3 favorite protective hairstyles, which includes box braids. Here are the best braiding do’s and don’ts to maximize your braided crown! 

Braiding Hair Do’s: 

Do moisture your hair thoroughly before braids 

Braiding hair can make your natural hair dry.  Therefore, use the LCO or LOC method to moisturize your hair before installing your braids to ensure your hair benefits from the protective style.

Do wash your hair thoroughly before braids

A clean and healthy scalp is the best place for your natural hair to grow. People tend to wear braids for one to two months. Therefore, it is essential to install braids on a clean scalp to ensure healthy hair growth with your protective style.

Do regularly care for your natural hair in your braids

To regularly take care of your hair in your braids, you should oil your scalp 2-3 times a week with moisturizing oils. Also, wash your scalp after strenuous activities such as swimming to ensure there is no dirt and product build-up. Lastly, spraying your braids with braid refresher spray will moisturize your hair within the braids. 

Braid refreshing spray recommendations: 

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Anti-Breakage Spray 

The Mane Choice Tropical Moringa Sweet Oil & Honey Endless Moisture Restorative Spray

Taliah Waajid Intense Moisture™ Bamboo And Coconut Milk Strengthening Leave-In Conditioner

Do wrap your hair at night with a satin bonnet and scarf

The best way to protect your braids at night is to use a good quality satin bonnet or satin scarf to lay down flyaways and protect the bottom of your braids while you get your beauty sleep.

Do wear your braids in different styles

Have fun with your braids. Add some colorful beads, gold clips, and more to personalize your hairstyle.

Do pat your itchy scalp

Pat your itchy scalp to avoid ruining your braids and causing your scalp to bleed. Another way to prevent irritation is by soaking the braiding hair into apple cider vinegar before installing the hair. 

Luckily, Founder Ciara Imani May created eco-friendly braiding hair that will not irritate your scalp. Say goodbye to apple cider vinegar rinses and hello to Rebundle. Rebundle was made to save the earth with plant-based braiding hair that reduces scalp irritation.

Braiding Hair Don’ts:

Don’t neglect your hair in your braids 

Do not assume your hair is healthy just because it is in a protective style.  You still need to keep up daily care. It is crucial to maintain your hair regime with braids by washing/cleansing your scalp regularly and after strenuous activities such as swimming. Oiling your scalp and spraying your hair with braiding spray helps make sure your hair is moisturized.

Avoid tight braids

Tight braids can cause a lot of tension, which is harmful to your scalp and hair’s health. It is painful to sleep in, and braids that are too tight can also cause small bumps along your hairline. Not to mention breakage! Make sure your braids are done well without too much tension to protect your hair's health.

Don’t add too much-braiding hair in small sections

Adding too much hair to a small section creates excess weight and can cause hair breakage. Make sure you use an equal amount of parts for your hair with the braiding hair.

Don’t wear your braids for longer than two months

If you wish to wear braids longer than two months, make sure you take the old braids out, allow your scalp to rest for 2-3 days then reinstall the braids. Anything longer than two months can cause excessive product and dirt build-up, which will cause matting of your natural hair.

Braids are fun and essential. They’ve been a part of the culture for years and are so adaptable. Teach your child how to do fun braid styles with Zoe. Zoe’s hair is full of curl power, it can be washed and styled just like real hair, and Zoe loves getting braids. 

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