Our Mission

Our dolls combat internalized racism and colorism by getting to the root of the problem: diversity and knowledge! Our research has shown that mothers resort to relaxing their daughters' hair due to time constraints, lack of knowledge about natural haircare, and the desire to appeal to mainstream beauty standards. Through our line of dolls our mission is to educate children and mothers about the joy and beauty of natural hair.

We don’t dye children’s hair yet we put perms on 3 year old girls.  

To solve this problem, our dolls teach natural hair care and come in different skin tones, facial features and hair textures to accurately represent the diversity of the Diaspora. Our dolls and storybooks also expose kids to different cultures. We currently have four dolls:
African-American, Haitian, Nigerian and Afro-Brazilian.

Social Impact

Why we do this: Everyone deserves to be represented and no one should feel inferior because of the kink of their curl or the color of their skin.

Our goal is not only to create a product but a social impact. We aren’t just selling a doll, we are promoting culture, identity and love.