3 Adorable Spring Hairstyles for Kids with Natural Hair

Even though it still feels like winter in most places, Spring has officially arrived. 

Aside from the influx of allergies and floral patterns, spring is the season of natural hair. Naturalistas everywhere can finally take down their long term protective styles, and let their locks free. This goes for adults and kids alike. One of our favorite things to do it style our fave curly girlies in fun spring hairstyles. 

Here are three of our favorite spring natural hairstyles for kids, complete with step by step tips. And as Beyoncé once said, If you like it then you better put a bow on it!

#1 Flat Twist Pigtails

As demonstrated by Yolanda Renee

1. Part hair down the center

2. Make 2 flat twists upwards. Secure in bantu knot while working on the second side.

3. Using a product with strong hold, brush edges up and put each side in a ponytail with the flat twist.

4. Use a pick to fluff out the puffs, and you’re done!

#2 Crown Braid out 

As demonstrated by Naturally Natasha

1. On an old braid out, part down the center and create two front sections. 

2. Plait down each side and secure with an ouchless band. Continue braiding past the band. 

 3. Criss cross the braids in front of each other and secure with two bobby pins, and you’re done! 

#3 Piggyback braids 

As demonstrated by Sekora and Sefari

1. On detangled hair, part down the middle

2. Section off two front sections and tie with an ouchless band

3. Braid each section halfway

4. Create two more sections behind the first two

5. Add the braid from the first section into the new section, tie with new band

6. Braid the new section

7. Repeat on the other side

8. Create two new sections and repeat the process

9. For the final sections, braid all the way down

10. Add bows!

Try these styles for yourself and share them with us using #healthyrootsgirls and we’ll give you a shoutout! Double points if you try these styles of your Zoe doll!

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