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There has always been a wide variety of hair products, but not many for naturally curly hair. As women of color saw a need for a new product, they decided to make their own.

Natural hair products made by women with curly hair is essential. The ingredients are non toxic and they help natural hair flourish. 

Check out these ten black and women-owned natural hair companies with products that will have your curls poppin.

Naturall Club

Muhga Eltigani founded Naturall Club in 2015 because she was frustrated with retail products leaving her natural hair unmoisturized and brittle. Naturall Club products are 100% natural, like their most popular avocado deep conditioner and ice cream hydrating deep conditioner. These products are stored in the freezer to stay fresh. Naturall Club has expanded with more natural ingredients that benefit all curly hair with avocado-based natural hair products.


Gwen Jimmere founded Naturalicious to save you time and energy. Gwen is the first African American woman to hold a patent for natural hair care products. Instead of a long wash day, Gwen invented a formula that cuts her wash day routine from 5 hours to 30 minutes.

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Mielle Organics

Monique Rodriguez founded Mielle Organics in 2014. Monique suffered from heat and color damage but revived her hair with homemade hair products. These products were the foundation of Mielle Organics products today.


Chris-Tia Donaldson founded Thank God It’s Natural (TGIN) after becoming interested in natural hair in 2002. The goal of TGIN is to have healthy and manageable curls at an affordable price. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Chris-Tia advocates for women going through cancer treatment that experience financial difficulties due to race and socioeconomic factors through the TGIN foundation.

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Girl + Hair

Camille Verovic founded Girl + Hair for women who love protective styling. In her busy life, she realized that braids, wigs, and other protective styles made taking care of her hair more manageable. However, they were not any products catered to taking care of natural hair in protective styles. The Girl + Hair Under Hair Care line was made to keep your curls healthy and popping while being protected.

Alikay Naturals

Rochelle Alikay Graham-Campbell founded Alikay Naturals at 22. Starting on Youtube, teaching naturals with her how-to videos, Rochelle saw a need for natural hair products. When she was a young girl, she learned a lot from a herbalist, which led to her making her products and coining the LOC method.

Camille Rose

Janelle Stephens began making homemade skin and hair products for her children. Janelle is vegan and prides herself on making hair products with the best ingredients for natural hair. Camille Rose now has six collections and over 30 hand-crafted product ranges.

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Kim and Tim are the cofounders of CurlMix. With the passion of educating others, CurlMix started as a subscription Do-it-yourself (DIY) subscription box. After two years, they decided to combine products in the box and create a hair care line which led them to making 1 million dollars in 12 months. The couple currently has 10 employees and enjoys hiring people from their community.

Oyin Handmade

Jamyla Bennu started Oyin Handmade in 2001 originally for her own hair. The products focus on styling all curl types with moisture rich formula. Oyin Handmade is a family-owned, women and black-owned small business. All Oyin products are self-manufactured with organic and food-grade ingredients, with no chemicals added.

Adwoa Beauty

Julian Addo founded Adwoa Beauty in 2017. From the age of 14, Julian had a passion for healthy natural hair. Adwoa Beauty is a non-toxic, gender-neutral beauty brand catering to multi-cultural hair textures. The Boamint collection prioritizes scalp health for steady hair growth.


As a curly girl, Zoe loves her curls and helping her curlfriends love  their curls. Zoe’s hair is full of curl power that can be washed and styled with all of the products above. If it were not for founders like the women above, we wouldn’t have hair products to take care of our healthy hair. 

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