10 Simple Eco-Friendly Life Hacks for Beginners

Zoe’s encouraging all of her curlfriends to save the environment. Here are some simple eco-friendly life hacks you can implement to reduce waste, be more sustainable, and save the planet. 

Use dryer balls

Dryer sheets are single-use items that end up in the trash.  Dryer balls are reusable and decrease the amount of waste dryer sheets accumulate.

Use natural products

Let go of artificial fragrances, synthetic colors, chemical irritants, parabens, and unnatural preservatives. All of these chemicals are harmful to the environment and even our bodies. Instead use natural oils and plant-based products.

Use reusable straws

Reusable straws reduce the amount of small plastic that has to be recycled. Small plastics injure animals, especially sea animals. Moreover, small plastics are difficult to recycle due to their size hence causing damage to the environment.

Go paperless

When offered emailed receipts, go paperless. Chemicals in receipt paper react to heat, which makes them unable to be recycled. 

Use reusable water bottles and coffee mugs

A lot of paper coffee cups cannot be recycled because they’re coated in plastic. Also, dark plastics cannot be recycled. Therefore, a lot of beverage cups have to get thrown away. Instead, use a reusable mug or container that will keep your beverage cold or hot all day while reducing waste.

Use bar soap

A lot of body products come in plastic bottles that cannot be recycled. One way you can reduce waste is by opting to use bar soaps instead of liquid soaps.

Use natural loofahs and sponges

Synthetic sponges and loofahs are made of non-biodegradable polymers such as polyurethane, synthesized from petroleum, which is not eco-friendly.  Instead of using synthetic loofahs, use natural loofahs and sponges made out of materials such as sea sponges, silicone, bamboo, and more.

Preserve food with parchment paper or glass containers

Plastic food wraps are not recyclable, especially after use because it causes cross-contamination in the recycling process. Instead, use parchment paper or glass containers such as mason jars to preserve food. Glass containers are also healthier when reheating food.

Use reusable fabric pads to remove makeup

Cotton swabs and make-up wipes accumulate a lot of waste. To minimize waste, using reusable towels or swabs is an easy sustainable step.

Use reusable bags when grocery shopping

Plastic bags tend to clog the recycling machines, which hinders the recycling process. To eliminate this problem, using reusable tote bags for grocery shopping will decrease the amount of plastic bags you have significantly.

Minimizing the use of single-use products is the best first step to an eco-friendly lifestyle. If you use a washable version of a disposable product you’re eliminating the amount of waste you contribute to the environment. Implementing these ten habits into your daily life will make a difference in how we can save the planet one curlfriend at a time. 

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