3 Simple Natural Hairstyles to Teach Your Toddler

No matter the year or season, Zoe wants your little one’s curls poppin year-round. Not only will their hairstyles pop, but your toddler will know how to do Zoe and their hair at an early age. 

Here are three easy natural hairstyles you can teach to your toddler: 

Two Strand Twists

This style is one of Zoe’s favorites! Twists are lightweight, fun, and differ depending on the density and curl type. They’re unique and versatile, so your little one can rock multiple hairstyles and practice on Zoe until they get it right. Learn some styles your toddler can do in the video below.

Puff Ponytails

Whether it’s a top puff, low puff, or middle puff, the puff is stable in the natural hairstyle rolodex. Ponytail puffs are super cute styles that are simple yet can dress up with different accessories. Ponytails are key in all styles, but to be able to fluff a puff is also a science. Learn different ways to style a puff below.

Three Strand Braids

Braids are versatile, making it easy to style them in any way. Braids are perfect for a long-lasting style and help prevent tangles while protecting your little one's curls.  As your toddler learns how to braid, any other style they learn in the future will not be as difficult. Check out different ways to style braids below. 

These styles are the basics of any style, creating diversity and allowing your little one’s creativity to expand. Practice makes perfect, so as your little one practices on Zoe, they’ll be a pro in no time. Also, spice up all of these styles with your favorite accessories from the Curl Power Kit. 

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