9-Year Old Entrepreneur Uses Her Business to Combat Bullying

Meet Lola Thomas, the 9-year-old founder and CEO of Lola Marie Polish, who uses her story to encourage us all! 

Lola has loved nail polish ever since she was young. She was born with Spina Bifida and is in a wheelchair. In January 2020, she was bullied in school for being in a wheelchair, which ultimately led her to being diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and anxiety. 

In April 2020, Lola created Lola Marie Polish as an outlet to keep her focused on activities that made her happy while advocating for mental health and loving oneself no matter the obstacles one has. All of her polishes are hand-made, ten-free, vegan, cruelty-free, kid and adult-friendly. 

Proceeds are currently going towards a wheelchair-accessible van. The second goal is to donate 20% of the proceeds to the Casey Cares Foundation, an organization based out of Columbia, Maryland, that helps critically ill children and their families. 

All of her polishes have a crown on top to remind young girls that they are a queen and to never forget it. Lola told Essence, “I’m going to be the Princess of the nail industry”. Glitter and unicorns are also a part of the brand with significant meaning. Glitter adds sparkles to everyone’s life, while a unicorn is a symbol of who Lola is. Lola stated, “Unicorns are known for being magical, one-of-a-kind, and beautiful. Since I was a baby, my mother has told me I was one-of-a-kind like a unicorn. I am the only child in my family, school, and neighborhood in a wheelchair. At times this makes me feel left out, but then I remember, I am a unicorn. When I started creating Lola Marie Polish, I wanted to ensure unicorns were always front and center as a reminder of how special I am as well as kids like me.”

Lola has big plans to give back to her community. She has goals to take 100 children in wheelchairs to Disney world on a worry-free trip while also employing people with disabilities who often face hiring discrimination. 

We love how Lola is representing young entrepreneurs and creating a product that not only gives you sparkle and flare but reminds you that you are a queen, unique, and one of a kind. Click here to shop Lola Marie Polish for your princess

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