A Mother First, Artist Second: Trice Clark Interview

“We are legendary; we are the blueprint; we are the trendsetters. Our hair is not ghetto, it’s not unprofessional, it’s us, and we deserve to be ourselves 100% of the time and celebrated for that” - Trice Clark

Trice Clark is a mother, installation artist, DIY queen, and curious crafter in Detroit. After applying for the Detroit Month of Design and submitting her original submission, she created the Her Hue exhibit.


Zoe and Trice had a wonderful time as Trice explained how, like many black girls, she struggled with her natural hair, but the love for her hair quickly changed in college. As she started seeing more black women wearing their hair natural, she began to love her own.

Her Hue Exhibit is a celebration of black hair. Trice says she “wants everybody to feel inspired when they visit and see themselves in all of the pieces because black women are legendary and deserve to be celebrated.”


Trice advises all girls to “talk to yourself in the mirror, hype yourself up, and be your biggest fan.” Also, to “watch how you talk to yourself when negative thoughts come to replace them with a kind sentence because people can think you are beautiful all day, but if you do not, then it does not matter.”

Our mission at Healthy Roots Dolls is to bring curl power to the toy aisle with products that reflect our diversity. Trice expressed the diversity of our hair at Her Hue through art. The representation of black hair shows everyone that their hair is beautiful, and there is a multitude of styles to express oneself.

As Trice stated, she wanted everyone to see themselves in her pieces, and Zoe could do just that. Representation matters, and exhibits like Her Hue showcases the love, appreciation, and adoration natural hair deserves. Check out Her Hue virtual experience by Trice Clark. Pre-order now to celebrate our curls together!