Healthy Roots Dolls launching new Curlfriend Dolls July 15th

Zoe went off to camp and made new friends during her adventures! With curl power just like her, she realized they had a lot in common but qualities that make them unique. 

Healthy Roots Dolls can’t wait for you to meet Zoe’s new curlfriends Marisol and Gaiana July 15th!

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Marisol’s name stands for ocean and sun. Two elements of the earth she loves the most. She loves all things nature and in her free time, she loves to explore, hike, and garden.


Gaiana is an island girl. She loves sharing her culture and music with friendsHer most prized possession is her necklace. She made it with shells she collected on the beach from her island with her family and friends. 

We can’t wait for you to meet them both. We have a limited supply of our new dolls available July 15th so make sure you sign up for our newsletter below for early access.