How Jingle Jangle Brought Back Christmas Magic

Warning: Spoiler alert! We will be talking about the critical parts of the movie. 

On November 13, 2020, Netflix released its new move: Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey. Jingle Jangle is a Christmas musical fantasy that illuminates the true Christmas spirit and cheers with cute natural hairstyles to add. The film is about Jeronicus Jangle, the toymaker who owned a store named Jangle and Things filled with enchanting toys and customers who loved them. In the movie, we follow Jeronicus after his assistant Gustafson stole his notebook filled with all of his toy designs and became a millionaire from Jeronicus inventions. Jeronicus Christmas cheer and faith in himself and his business came back to life after a visit from his granddaughter Journey.  

Toys are magical, and they bring great joy around the holiday season. The movie highlights that with its beautiful songs. Within all of the songs and storyline, there are many lessons that you can draw from this movie. 

Anything is possible.

The lesson of anything being possible is the underlying theme throughout the whole movie. After Jeronicus lost all hope in himself, his granddaughter Journey came to visit him. Journey has the same magical inventor powers her grandfather did when he had hope in himself. 


Journey had hoped that she would get her grandfather’s invention to work. When her grandfather’s new assistant, Dennison, asked her how she thinks she’ll get it to work, she told him, “Because nothing says I can’t.” Later on in the movie, Journey reaffirms us with a song where she says, “It’s all possible. Watch me rise above all my obstacles.” When we are as optimistic as Journey, we can achieve so much.

Have faith and believe.

Jeronicus lost faith in himself, and all of his hope was gone. He changed his toy shop into a pawn shop. Whenever anybody in the town affirmed him of how great an inventor he is, he would solemnly turn it down and tell him that he is not. We see how important it is to believe in yourself when Journey finds the Buddy 3000, a toy her mother and grandfather made years ago. Journey finds Buddy 3000, turns it on, and it begins to work. Buddy 3000 tells Journey that for it to work, someone has to believe. As soon as Jeronicus entered the room, Buddy stopped working. 


Jeronicius wanted Buddy to work because if it did not work by Christmas, the bank would take Jeronicus’ shop away from him. He did not realize that the one thing that was keeping him from his happiness and his toy working was his disbelief. 


Even when you think you do not belong, you do! 

Journey explains to her grandfather how she felt like she did not fit in with anybody because of her imagination and interest.  Jeronicus said something so powerful that all children need to hear. He said, “A child with an imagination always belongs. Never be afraid if people can’t see what you see. Only be afraid if you no longer see it.” It is ok to not fit in, just as long as what other people think about you does not alter the way you feel about yourself. 


Always be kind

At the end of the movie, when Gustafson tries to accuse Jeronicus of stealing Buddy 3000 (like it was his invention) and get him sent to jail, Jeronicus was still very kind to him. Gustafson was the enemy this whole movie. Jeronicus’s “loyal” assistant then stole his toy book, took all of his inventions, made millions from them, and left Jeronicus with nothing. After everything, when the police arrested Gustafson for lying and stealing, Jeronicus gave him a gift that he wanted to give him over 20 years ago, the night Gustafson stole his stuff and left. Jeronicus was kind to him and not bitter. We should always be nice to people, even when they are not nice back. 

These lessons are essential for everybody, especially children. Never let anybody take away your joy and magic that you have within. You are all one of a kind. Journey reminds us that “the square root of impossible is me,” asking children everywhere, “Do you know that you are unstoppable?”

Let the Christmas magic begin ✨. Even though Zoe cannot fly like Buddy 3000, she is available for pre-order! Check out Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey on Netflix. 

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