How Satin Bonnets Protect Your Natural Hair

Just like our bodies reset when we are asleep, our hair is either rejuvenating or getting damaged overnight.

Women have been protecting their natural curly hair and kinks for years, some in stylish headwraps. You can do both by incorporating a quality satin bonnet into your nighttime routine!



Here are the five ways a satin bonnet benefits your natural hair and promotes growth: 

Prevents Natural Hair Dryness 

Cotton sheets and pillowcases are great for sleep. However, they can pull moisture out of your natural hair and skin while you sleep. Wearing a satin bonnet at night prevents moisture from being pulled from your hair by other fibers. This helps prevent brittle hair and split ends.

Prevents Natural Hair Tangling

Dry natural hair leads to knots and tangles. When you use your satin bonnet, your hair cuticles stay moisturized overnight, which leads to less tangles in the morning and fresh popping curls. 

Maintains All Hairstyles

No matter the hairstyle, they all last longer when you wrap your hair at night. Using a satin bonnet, you can protect the style without using a tight scarf wrapped around your head all night. Good quality satin bonnets stay on your head while ensuring your hair is protected from root to tip.  

Minimizes Frizz  

Friction from your pillow causes natural hair to frizz especially when you have braids. Using a satin bonnet decreases the frizziness of your natural hair. 

Less Tension: No More Headaches

If you typically wrap your natural hair in a tight scarf, ponytail, or braids, you may wake up with a headache and tension lines across your forehead. Satin bonnets keep your natural hair away from your face, without the tension.

Spend less time thinking about your hair when you are asleep and focusing more on yourself by investing in a quality satin bonnet. Your curls will thank you for protecting them in style with a bonnet that does not come off at night. If you’re ready to upgrade your sleep and hair at the same time, click here to check out our reversible satin bonnets with styles for the whole family.