How to Get The Perfect Braid Out

Zoe loves trying fun and creative hairstyles. She loves posting videos on Youtube for you to follow along. Try this braid-out tutorial for a quick go-to style for your little ones’ curls. 

Below are the detailed steps from hair prep to take down for this cute hairstyle. 


  • Spray bottle 
  • Clips  
  • Denman brush 
  • Leave-in conditioner 
  • Six perm rods 
  • Satin bonnet 

Hair prep:

  1. Wash and condition your natural hair 
  2. Deep condition your hair
  3. Moisturize your hair 

Braid Install 

Step 1: Gather all materials  

Step 2: Part your hair into four quadrants. Down the middle for two even sections and then from ear to ear to create four sections. 

Step 3: Start sectioning each quadrant of your hair into smaller parts. The larger the part, the larger the braid, so section your hair for the number of braids you want. 

Step 4: Spray section with water. Apply leave-in conditioner and lightly finger detangle the product into the section. Then detangle the section with your Denman brush. 

Step 5: Braid section, leaving 30% of your ends out. Spray the ends of the hair with water and finger coil the ends into a curl. 

Step 6: Wrap the ends of the hair into the perm rod and secure the rod. 

Step 7: Repeat steps 4-6 around your entire head until you have 6 to 8 braids total. 

Step 8: Tie the braids down with your favorite satin bonnet. Allow braids to set and dry overnight or under a hooded dryer. 

Braid Take Down

The takedown process is just as necessary as the install. You want to ensure that you’re retaining length and adding moisture when taking out your braids. Also, make sure the hair is completely dry before taking the braids out. Damp hair can cause the curls not to form correctly. 


  • Hair oil 
  • Hair pick 

Step 1: Gather your favorite hair oil. 

Step 2: Take the bonnet off and apply hair oil all over your braids. 

Pro-Tip: Using oil prevents frizziness and breakage to your hair. 

Step 3: Take the perm rods out slowly. Then unravel the braid. 

Step 4: Slightly finger detangles, separating the curls where they naturally want to separate. This adds volume to your hair. 

Step 5: Pick the roots of the braids to remove the parts. Fluff the curls until your hair is full of volume. 


Zoe encourages all of her curlfriends to have fun with their hair by trying new hairstyles. If you try this look, mention us on Instagram @healthyrootsdolls. Also, subscribe to Zoe’s Youtube channel to see all of her hair videos.    

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