How to Make DIY Hair Bows from Candy Wrappers

Halloween is over, and now is the perfect time to repurpose all of the old candy wrappers you may have laying around the house. Instead of throwing them all away, learn how to make fun, cute, and beginner-friendly hair bows from candy wrappers!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Candy wrappers (any type of candy)

Bobby pins


Start by making sure the candy is clean, completely flat, and free from any wrinkles.


Next, flip the candy wrapper to the back and begin folding the wrapper. Flip the wrapper back and forth, folding it accordion style until it is all folded.

Then, take your thumb and pointer finger and hold the middle of the wrapper.

Next, place the bobby pin in the center of the wrapper where your fingers are.

After you place the bobby pin in the middle, flare the candy wrapper’s two sides open to see the words.



Use the bobby pin to attach the wrapper to your hair.

That is how you make a super easy hair bow out of candy wrappers! This method works with any size candy wrapper. The larger the wrapper, the larger your bow will be. You can add these super fun hair bows to any style to make them pop. Add them to your hair or Zoe’s.

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