How to Make Your Own DIY Board Game

Board games are perfect ways to interact and bring the family together. Here is an easy, beginner-friendly, customizable board game you can make and play with your little one. 

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Poster Board 
  • Cardboard paper cutout shapes 
  • Markers 
  • Dice 
  • Game pieces  
  • Tape or glue 

Start by gathering all of your materials.  

Next, pop out all of the shapes you want to use on your board. If you do not have the premade shapes, you can draw boxes on your board shapes or make your cutout shapes.


Then, outline the path for your board game. Make sure you highlight the start of the game and the end mark.

Next, tape or glue the pieces onto your board. 

After you place the places on your board, write question marks in some of the boxes and add a title. (You can name your game whatever you want, but ours is Zoe’s adventures) 

Next, cut off different “cards” for your game. On one side of the card put a question mark and on the opposite side put whatever you’ll like. This can be a math question, a sight word, or a physical activity. In our game, it is a physical activity like jumping on one foot. 

After you labeled all of your cards, have fun. Decorate your board and allow your inner Picasso to come out 😊


Once your game is finished, it’s time to play. Here are the rules. 

  1. Player 1 will roll the die. Whatever number it lands on, that is the number of spaces the player has to move. 
  2. If the player’s lands on a space (with no question mark), they’re safe. If they land on a space with a question mark, they will have to pick up one of the question mark cards. 
  3. The player will have 1 minute (use your timer) to complete the task on the card. If they do not meet the task, they have to move their piece one space backward. 
  4. The player who makes it to the finish line first is the winner. 

That is how you make a super easy board game. This game can be educational or just for fun. Make it your own. Zoe’s Curlfriends watched a live demonstration of the game exclusively in the VIP Curlfriends Club. 

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