How You Can Support Nurses and Healthcare Workers

All heroes don’t wear capes, and lately, a lot of them have been rocking scrubs. In these unprecedented times, nurses and healthcare workers are working overtime to help us all. Nurses have dealt with a lot of stress and pressure as they are on the frontline everyday.

Here are seven ways you can support your local nurses and healthcare workers. 

Say Thank You 

The little things in life can help someone have a good day and impact their work life. Always express your gratitude for a local nurse or healthcare worker. It goes a long way.

Provide Moral Support 

Creating a supportive environment for nurses in your community is a way to show support and love. Some fun ways are sending a card, making a poster, writing a letter, or giving them a call.

Deliver food to healthcare workers and their families

If possible, go grocery shopping or cook a meal for nurses and healthcare workers. Eating is essential in a healthy and balanced life. They already have a lot on their plate with long work hours, so being able to  help them with a necessary task can go a long way.

Tell them about businesses that offer dedicated shopping hours 

If you’re not close enough to any nurses or healthcare workers to provide them with meals and groceries, you can share with them the stores that have dedicated shopping hours for them.

  • Costco: Those who are healthcare workers can move to the front of the line when shopping. 
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club: 8 - 9 am on Sundays is appreciation hour, and healthcare workers can shop without a membership when they show their badge. 
  • Walmart: 7 to 8 am daily is the “pick up hour” where healthcare workers only can pick up items they need. 
  • Sam’s Club: Sam’s Club Appreciation Hours are from 8  to 10 am every Sunday.

Assist with childcare

Watching nurses and healthcare workers children or helping them with virtual school can be another essential checkpoint checked off of their priority list and help ease stress.

Make and Wear Homemade Mask

There are plenty of nurses and healthcare workers who wear masks daily to prevent them from getting sick in hospitals. The need for masks has increased due to COVID-19, and nurses and healthcare workers have seen a shortage of masks. You can help nurses by wearing your own mask, so the biomedical mask supply will be sent to hospitals for nurses to use.

Ask them how you can help

The best form of information is from the primary source. Asking a nurse or healthcare worker how you can assist and help them can personalize your support. 

We want to highlight and celebrate our heroes, nurses, and healthcare workers in these times. The best thing you can do is stay positive and be a light in a time of darkness for nurses in your community. Zoe challenges all of her curlfriends to be kind and to always lend a helping hand. Nurses and healthcare workers have always been excellent, but now their impact is amplified.

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