Nike’s Campaign Shows that Black Women are More Than Magic

Anytime we see new accomplishments or recognition of black women, the headline often attributes it to “Black Girl Magic.” Nike’s new We Play Real Campaign challenges that perspective. 

Nike is highlighting black women for their accomplishments beyond sports, stating what black women do is not magic, it is real. Real accomplishments that shape and make history. Watch the full clip below: 

Narrated by Dominique Fishback, she states how what black women do is not magic, “it’s organic.” “From the curl in our hair to the tip of our toes, from the sway in our hips to the joy in our smile.” Black women are awesome in all ways. 

One of the most powerful lines was when Dominique Fishback expressed, “ We give our blood, sweat, and tears to be our very best even when the world tells us it's never going to be enough." This line emphasizes the persistence and fortitude that black women have. 

Nike’s mission is to celebrate black women’s hard work and help level the playing field in sports. As Nike explains, we look forward to the future. Nike will continue to celebrate Black women in their content throughout 2021 and promote inclusivity in all aspects of culture. 

We love this campaign because it gives generations to come role models. This ad highlights characteristics such as resilience, determination, grit, and perseverance that young girls see in their mothers, grandmothers, teachers, and more daily. 

Nike shows how it is not magic how these women do it; it is real life. Real women in all occupations are shaping history, making a difference, and embracing girl power. 

Ads like this from major companies such as Nike represents girls globally. Representation matters, and Ads like Nike’s We Play Real demonstrates how impactful our stories are. No matter what a little girl aspires to be, she can do it. 

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