Simple Wash Day Routine For Busy Moms

Wash day: an all-day process that requires time, effort, and a lot of patience. In the end, your child has a beautiful fresh do for the week!

Life is busy, and wash day is a process, so check out this simple wash day routine:


Pre-pooing with a detangler or a conditioner makes wash day go by much faster. We know you’re adding another step, but it minimizes how much breakage and detangling will take place when you are trying to style your child's hair. Get your favorite detangling tool and product with slip, and you're good to go.



Get your favorite shampoo that will cleanse your child's hair. We prefer sulfate-free shampoos like these:


Condition/ Deep Condition

Conditioning is super important. Depending on your child’s hair porosity, they may need to deep condition with or without heat. This is the step where moisture is being placed back into her hair after being cleansed with the shampoo. Bright side, if you effectively detangled when you pre-poo’d, it is easier to detangle with conditioner. There is less breakage, and you are just running a comb through the hair to make sure the conditioner coats every strand. It is best to deep condition for at least 20 minutes.


This step needs to be done directly after your child's hair has been washed. Using a leave-in conditioner and a sealing oil like castor oil helps lock in the moisture and gets the hair ready to be styled.


This is your time to shine. Twist, braids, two puffs, or even a bun would suffice. Join us in the VIP Curlfriend Club, where Zoe shares her different styles as she gets her hair done LIVE.

Zoe teaches little girls how to love their curls. Zoe’s hair is full of curl power that can be washed and styled like real hair. The first batch of pre-orders is shipping on October 30, and Zoe is so excited to meet all of her new curlfriends.

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