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  • Why Music Would Be Nothing Without Black People

    Black people have contributed to many music genres beyond hip hop, r&b, reggae, and afro-pop. Here are some of the other genres black people contributed to overtime.

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  • How Black Women Used the Arts to Break Through Racial Barriers

    No matter the profession, your work can impact your community and make a change for the ones you love. The contributions of these women left us with tangible art works that will last a lifetime. Their work entertained while creating a platform of influence to aid their communities. The arts are powerful, and thei

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  • 5 Black History Facts You Didn’t Learn In School

    Black history is rich, exciting, and complex. We believe in highlighting significant moments in black history that teach us valuable lessons for the future. Below are five black history facts you didn’t learn in school that will inspire you to be the change. Check out these five black history facts you didn't learn in school.

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  • What Kamala Harris Means to Her: Political Impact on Future Leaders

    Children are the future and we have more young leaders developing in America every day. We are living through history as we witness the first Black...

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  • My First Black Superhero: Chadwick Boseman's Legacy to Kids

    "In our culture, death is not the end..."- T'Challa  Children worldwide remember their first black superhero!  For a generation of kids, Chad...

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  • 5 Woke Black Girls We Wish We Knew as Kids

    We've entered an era of the woke Black girl, where black girls everywhere are encouraged by the women who came before them and the societal cool factor of consciousness, to take action to change their circumstances. Here are 5 young Black girls who've hit role model status before they even reached their teen years:  

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