The GOAT: Top Paid Black Female Athletes

Forbes recently released their Top Paid Athletes list, and by no surprise, 50%  of the sports have black girl magic running them. 

According to Forbes, “The world’s ten highest-paid female athletes earned a combined $167 million before taxes in 2021, according to Forbes estimates, a 23% increase over 2020 and a 16% jump from the prior record of $143.3 million set in 2013.” 

It's also reported that new sponsors and new money are being invested into women's sports and spreading across different leagues. 

Here are the top 5 black women athletes that your little one and Zoe look up to.

Naomi Osaka

On and off the court, Naomi is an inspiration to us all, stacking her money through endorsements, investments, on-court winnings, and more than ten brand partnerships. She’s the top earner with 60 million.

Serena Williams

Like Naomi, Serena teaches us to get our money off the court and diversify our skillset. Most of her earnings come from HUED, Cloud9, Esusu, and more investments. She’s the second top earner with 49.5 million.

Venus Williams

Alongside her sister Serena Williams, Venus is another top earner who uses her talents on the court and also advocates for mental health off the court. She earned 11.3 million.

Simone Biles

Let’s celebrate the first time the GOAT Simone Biles has made Forbes's top-paid female athletes list. This is well deserved as Simone sticks up for and invests in what she believes in. She invested in a mental health start-up company, Cerebral, and had a huge payout due to her success at the Tokyo Olympics. She made 10.1 million.

Candance Parker

Not only is Candance Parker the first woman to appear on the cover of NBA 2K, she’s on her way up. This WNBA star made 5.7 million, and she’s not stopping soon. 

We love to see women athletes making their strides and supporting women as they should for their hard work, dedication, and talent. As your little one looks up to these women, match them and your Zoe doll with Zoe’s new outfits like the Tennis GOAT and Future Olympic Gymnast outfit exclusively at 

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