Top 3 Natural Hair Styles For Winter

Protective styles are essential. They are low maintenance and give your hair a break from daily styling. Protective styles also help maintain healthy hair, retain length, and save you time.

It is essential to protect your hair in the winter because the cold air strips your hair of moisture. When your hair lacks moisture, your hair is prone to breakage. Protective styles allow your hair to get a break from manipulation and protect your ends from the cold winter air.

Before you get into any of these styles, make sure you thoroughly detangle your hair or your child’s hair.

Zoe is a huge fan of protective styles because they keep her beautiful curls poppin all year round.

Here are a few styles she has worn and their benefits!

Havana Twist 

This style is one of Zoe’s favorites! It takes about an hour to do and will last for at least a month. As you can see in the photo below, these twists are slightly chunky, making the install fast. The fun part about this style is that you can add extra hair depending on the length that you want! You can experiment with different colors to express your colorful personality.

Box Braids

Box braids are a must-have in the winter months. They protect your hair from the brittle cold that can dry your hair. This style is a three-strand braid, and it can take 2-8 hours depending on how many braids you want and their thickness. Zoe’s favorite part of this style is oiling her scalp. These braids will allow your hair to grow faster and prevent an itchy scalp. Try oiling your scalp at least every three days and watch your hair prosper.

Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots are an amazing two-in-one protective style for people with thicker hair strands. The knots are super cute as a style while in, but if you are getting ready for a holiday, you can take the knots out and wear them out as well. Some people add hair to the Bantu knots or just their real hair. Either way, the style protects your ends and allows you to oil your scalp.

Click here to see Zoe's Bantu Knot Tutorial .

There are plenty of other protective styles that you can use. As long as the style is low maintenance, protects your ends, and lasts longer than a week, then your hair will grow.

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