Top 5 Natural Hair Myths

There are multiple myths in the natural hair community that you have likely heard your whole life. These myths hinder you from reaching your natural hair goals because they are typically never challenged. Let’s obtain our natural hair goals quicker by debunking some natural hair myths!

“Dirty hair grows faster.”

A clean and healthy scalp is the best place for your natural hair to grow. Do not wait months to wash your hair because you think your hair will grow faster. If your hair is in a protective style, then it is okay to wait longer than usual to wash your hair because the style is protecting your strands. But having your hair out and not washed leads to product build-up and an itchy scalp.

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“You can reverse heat damage.”

You cannot reverse heat damage or chemical damage to your natural hair. The only way to help your damaged hair is to grow it out and to cut the damage off. No product can revert your damaged hair to health. Damage is permanent.

“Water dries your hair.”

Water is moisture. Water is a friend to your natural hair. Water aids product distribution throughout your natural hair while adding additional slip to products. You can add too much product to your hair, but you can never add too much water.


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“Natural hair grows slow.”

All hair grows at the same rate, half an inch per month.  Hair can plateau and not grow past a certain length, but that does not mean your hair is growing slowly. Learning how to retain your length can push your hair past the plateau point.

“Natural Hair is expensive.”

There are expensive natural hair products. However, the price of the product does not equate the effectiveness. Multiple natural hair products are under $15 that work well for different hair types. Also, for some products, a little goes a long way. So if you buy a pricer product, that does not mean you will have to repurchase that product multiple times a year. Another cost-effective method for natural hair products is to make your own. There are numerous DIY videos on youtube for hair products that you can make at home for less than $10.

It is essential to test everything you hear, just like trying products to see what is right for your hair. Not all-natural hair myths are entirely false, but all do not apply to everyone. That is why it is so important to learn what works for your hair. 

We made Zoe to teach little girls all over how to love and take care of their curls. Zoe’s hair can be washed and styled with products just like real hair. Teaching your child the proper way to care for her hair while she has Zoe to practice is the recipe for natural hair success. 

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