Top 5 Tips to Painlessly Detangle Your Kids Hair: No More Tangles

Ouch mommy, that hurts!

The famous line that comes out of your child’s mouth every time you comb through it. Sometimes they even cry. The pain takes the fun out of your kid’s natural hair journey and eventually makes her dread doing her hair in the future.

Always start with water!

 Do not ever detangle or part dry hair. When you part dry hair, this leads to breakage and more knots. This tip is simple, buy a spray bottle and drench the hair before separating it into sections before detangling. The moisture helps the hair’s elasticity.

Use clips.

Rubberbands, hair ties, and other hair scrunchies hurt your child when creating sections to detangle. The scrunchies tend to get tangled in and makes it harder for you and your child to have a swift detangling process. Clips make this process simple because they do not get stuck, tangled in the hair, or easily manipulated.



Use detangling cream.

Find a good and useful detangling cream or conditioner with water listed as the first ingredient. Make sure the cream has enough slip to make detangling easy. It also helps if you use a detangling cream that was meant specifically for children.

Product Recommendations:
Cantu Care for kids detangling pre-shampoo treatment

Just For Me Hair Milk Pre Wash Softening Detangling Treatment

As I Am Detangling Conditioner

SheaMoisture Kids Coconut & Hibiscus Extra-Moisturizer Detangler

The Honest Company Sweet Orange Vanilla Conditioning Detangler Spray

Find an excellent detangling tool.

All combs are not the same. Some rip the hair and are very painful compared to others. The tool depends on how thick and kinky the hair is. Here are some detangling tools that work best for curly hair.

The Denman brush, EZ detangling brush, and Wide tooth comb are a few that work well.

 Denmen Brush

EZ Detangling Brush 

Wide Tooth Comb


Distract your baby.

When doing her hair, if you let her watch a movie, read a book or play with a toy, it will distract her from what is going on in her hair.

Bonus tips: Always detangle in sections. The smaller the sections, the less painful it will be for your child. Also, start combing from the bottom of the hair and work your way up.

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