Top Five Halloween Costume Ideas for Black Girls

Whether it’s a DIY or a store-bought costume, Halloween is the one day of the year to truly show your creativity. Dressing up as your favorite character is always fun from Disney princesses to your favorite cartoon.

Check out this list of Zoe’s top five Halloween costumes for black girls:

Ada Twist, Scientist 

Ada teaches us to love STEM. As a scientist, you can cure diseases and save lives. Get your favorite red and white polka dot dress, goggles, yellow gloves, and two puff’s to be Ada Twist this Halloween.


Princess Tiana

Princess Tiana was the first black Disney princess. We believe that representation matters and Princess Tiana represents us well.

Click here to purchase your Princess Tiana costume. 

Doc McStuffins

Everybody needs a doctor! Doc McStuffins teaches little girls that being a doctor is cool and helping people is very essential.

Gear up and click here to get your Doc McStuffins costume. 

Shuri from Black Panther

This year kids worldwide were shocked to lose their first black superhero, T’challa from Black Panther. Social media raved about how Shuri should become the leader of Wakanda, and we support girl power.


Tip from Home

Home is Dreamworks studio’s first movie featuring a black character whose voice is Rihanna. Get your favorite pair of jeans, white and grey striped shirt, yellow hoodie, and chucks and dress as Tip from Home this Halloween.

It’s time to dress up and have fun this year. Sign up for our newsletter below to get in the know with Zoe and Healthy Roots Dolls.