Top Five Virtual Learning Tips For Working Parents

Working from home with your child can present some challenges. As you adjust to your “new normal,” Zoe has some fun tips to make virtual learning easier for working parents.

Tip 1: Have a set space for your work/school needs 

Separating your workspace from your sleeping area works better. To add some fun, try sectioning a space for your child to have their kiddie desk/area to help them stay focused.

Ensuring your child has all of their pens, pencils, paper, and other tools at the station will eliminate how much they’ll call on you to help them find what they need for class. It also makes your child feel special when they have space just like you. 😊


Tip 2: Have a schedule but make it flexible

Having a structure to your day always helps. However, schedules can get tiring and dull after a while, especially for your little ones. Adding a variety to your schedule will help the days go by quicker and spice up the fun around the house while everybody is working/ learning from home.


Tip 3: Take brain breaks! 

These brain breaks can reduce stress and frustration while increasing productivity and attention. Having fun is essential, no matter how old you are. Schedule some time during the day to play, stretch, nap, and simulate recess like school.

Tip 4: Take time for yourself

It is so important, especially when you are not leaving your house to carve out time alone. Self-care has many benefits, and even taking an hour to yourself while your little one naps or plays a game can reduce the stress and anxiety of the day and realign your focus.


Tip 5: Have fun because we are all online! 

Just because you are all home does not mean work and school have to be boring. You can have mommy-daughter dress-up days where you wear matching outfits or even spirit week in the house. Having at home pep rallies and dance parties can bring life to our online living.

Parents, we hear you. Zoe is always here to help teach your kids to love their curls, be a best friend, and support you and your little one. Sign up below for more resources for parents and to get in the know with Healthy Roots Dolls.