Wear Your CROWN: Celebrating the Beauty of Hair

In a world that challenges who you are, it is important for black girls to celebrate themselves, from the kinks of their curls to the color of their skin. Healthy Roots Doll’s mission is to teach little girls to love themselves and this month the importance of protecting and celebrating their crown. This month we launched a campaign featuring beautiful black girls and their powerful hair. Daria and Kaydance’s energy shines through in every image. We honor all the children making black history everyday. Watch their beautiful hair transformation below:


Every child is uniquely made, from their hair, beautiful faces and shining personality. This is what makes them special. Their hair is their crown. Nobody else's crown is quite like theirs. That’s why it is so important to celebrate the differences and highlight what makes them unique. 

Healthy Roots Dolls made Zoe in the image of black and brown children to be more than just a brown doll, but an educational hair play experience. Representation matters, and that’s why Zoe rocks her curls. She shows girls cute hairstyles they can do and how to protect and maintain their curls. 

Celebrating beautiful black girls is teaching them to be proud and dare to be different. Dare to celebrate their  royalty and what makes them truly special. To celebrate their differences as strengths. Telling them that they can do anything.

This black history month, Healthy Roots Dolls wanted to highlight the importance of these lessons. Zoe wants to instill them into all of her curlfriends. Let curlfriends all over celebrate, protect, and uplift their crowns all year long!

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