Why Representation Matters to Children of Color in Books

Stories help people connect to the world. Stories help children understand different perspectives while also learning about different people and careers. 

Children learn so much from books. Stories are used to teach children about the world and children use these stories to form opinions. These opinions are essential to how the world is shaped in their eyes, so when they do not see themselves in these stories they can question where they fit into society. 

Seeing people who you can resonate with them in literature is important. Representation in media and books matter because it should reflect the beauty of our reality. This nation is diverse and literature should reflect that. 

When children of color are represented in books, it is important for their stories to be normalized and not ostracized. For instance, Meena Harris' new book “Ambitious Girl” does just that. Her book empowers young girls to dare to be ambitious and to go after their dreams that some people may discourage them from chasing. 

Children are inspired when they see people who look like them pursuing their dream. Let’s show all children they can be anything they work towards by representing them in all stories.

“Ambitious Girl”’s message is for kids to dare to be the first. That they should not let a book or anybody tell them who they are, but to be ambitious and courageous in everything they do. We couldn’t agree more. 

Representation matters and books like Ambitious Girl illustrate how impactful our stories are when little girls see themselves as the main characters. Zoe will be adding Meena’s book to her top ten books for black girls list as she shows all her curlfriends how important it is to read books that highlight their beauty.