Why You Should Pre-Poo

Pre-poo is a pre shampooing treatment. This treatment is an extra step on wash day that creates a barrier or layer to protect your hair from the stripping of shampoo.

Why should you pre-poo?

  1. Pre-poo provides moisture and hydration to your hair. While also helping your hair retain moisture. Your hair can keep its natural oils because of the shield that the pre-poo provides.

  2. Pre-pooing helps restore any loss of moisture while also moisturizing and hydrating your scalp.

  3. Pre-pooing helps with the detangling process. You will not have to detangle as much during your wash day because you already got the knots out with your pre-poo. The pre-poo softens your hair and add’s slip to aid detangling.

  4. Pre-pooing helps with hair manageability. Hair manageability is when your natural hair is easier to maintain. It allows you to spend less time detangling and styling your natural hair.

  5. Pre-pooing helps your hair and scalp balance. Natural hair and scalp balance is when your hair cuticle is even and strong from root to tip. This helps your natural hair become healthier, which leads to hair growth—the pre-poo conditions your hair cuticle.

  6. Pre-pooing helps prevent breakage. The conditioning coat from the pre-poo strengthens and protects your natural hair strands and decreases the chances of them breaking. Breakage hinders length retention and leads to more split ends.

(Source: Kesha Phillips)

What to use for pre-poo?

There are some store-bought pre-poos. However, you can use oils as a pre-poo. You can use one oil, preferably a moisturizing oil, or mix oils based on your hair preferences. Whatever your hair needs at the moment, you can mix oils that will help.

Store-bought pre-poo’s: 
Mielle Organics Pre-Shampoo Treatment with Mongongo Oil
The Mane Choice Heavenly Halo Herbal Hair Tonic & Soy Milk Deep Hydration Pre-Poo
African Pride Moisture Miracle Aloe & Coconut Water Pre-Shampoo

You can also use a conditioner with a lot of slip to pre-poo. For people with kinker hair, heavy butters such as shea butter work as well. Another well-known pre-poo in the natural hair community is Aloe Vera gel.

How to pre-poo

Step 1: Separate your hair into four sections 
Step 2: Spray water on to your hair. For low porosity hair, warm water helps open up your cuticles. 
Step 3: Apply your pre-poo to each section 
Step 4: Detangle each section 
Step 5: Twist the section to make sure the hair stays detangled. 
Step 6: Let pre-poo sit for 30 minutes or overnight. Then proceed with your wash day routine.

Note: If you pre-poo overnight, make sure you use a plastic bag or shower cap and then a scarf or bonnet on top to ensure your pre-poo does not seep out.

Save time and energy detangling by adding this essential step to your wash day routine. Your hair will thank you later. Healthier hair trumps length any day, but with pre-pooing, you’ll be able to achieve your length goals in no time. 

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