Why Your Curly “Hair Type” Does NOT Matter

Yes! We said it, your hair type does not matter, AT ALL! 

We know this is an unpopular opinion, but hear us out. 

What is a curly hair type? 

Curly hair types classify your coils. These hair types range from wavy → curly → coily → to kinky.

But, the problem is people tend to use the hair typing chart to DEFINE THEIR HAIR and eventually COMPARE THEIR COILS! 

They told you

Once you know your hair type, your hair care journey should revolve around that classified section. Next, find products labeled “For 4b/4c hair” because they should work. Then, some people find youtube influencers with similar hair and use their regime. 

But then you wonder why 🤔

The products did not work or why your hair did not come out the way you expected it! 

The truth is:

Curly hair types only reference the shape of your coils. 

  1. Your coils can change over time!


Everybody’s hair does not have one curl type in it.

Here is a video of Shanilla's hair journey. Her mother explains how Shanilla’s hair type changed when she was younger, and Shanilla eventually started to dislike her curls because of it.

No one should dislike their curls because of their type because your natural hair is like your fingerprints — unique. 

To combat the comparison, we made Zoe, intending to teach little girls the importance of embracing their uniqueness, loving their coils, and realizing that all hair is GOOD HAIR. No matter the type! 

The only person that can define their crown is the princess herself! 

Just because someone has similar hair to yours does not mean the products they use, their hair regime, or hairstyles will look identical on your hair! That is the myth of hair types! 

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