Why Your Family Roots Matter

Healthy Roots Dolls is a toy company that creates dolls and storybooks that empower young girls. Our first doll Zoe has many curlfriends nationwide while teaching them to love their roots. 

We encourage young girls to love themselves and this month we want to get back to our roots. Creating a healthy relationship with who we are and where we come from is essential to future growth. Meet Zoe’s curlfriend Mikayla who told us all about her roots.

Tell us about your family roots: Where are you from? What are your cultural influences? What is your family's history in America and beyond?

Mikayla’s mom Ebony shared with us that Mikayla’s parents are both Detroit-made, born, and raised. They have family from Detroit, Texas, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Alabama. 

The cultural influence in their household is the Obama family. Ebony shares how “change-makers in our time frame” influence them because growing up in Detroit, you do not see many figureheads in a position of power making a positive impact. The Obama family motivates them. 

What is your favorite family tradition?

Their favorite family tradition is getting together every holiday and celebrating as one. They love giving gifts on Christmas, and in the summer, they always bring the family children together to have BBQs. 

Ebony shares how they have a big family and appreciate all the time they’re able to spend together. Mikayla’s mom and dad both have huge families, so even birthday parties are events full of fun.

What is your favorite food that your mom/dad/or grandma makes?

Mikayla’s favorite food is a seafood boil. Her mother and grandmother make them for her. Ebony tells us that Mikayla loves crab legs, shrimp, corn, and lobster.

What makes you unique?

Makayla’s hair makes her unique. Her mother tells us when she was younger, she attended predominantly white schools, and around the ages of three and four, she started to notice the differences between her and her peers. 

Ebony explained how she intentionally poured into Mikayla, telling her how she does not need to have straight hair or make her hair appear straight. Kinky hair is unique. Now Mikayla loves her big hair and wears versatile styles.

That’s why she loves Zoe. Zoe’s hair looks just like hers. She loves bringing Zoe with her on shopping trips, always keeping her curlfriend by her side.

What is your favorite activity to do as a family?

As a family, they love to go to the drive-in movie theater. They also have a lot of movie nights at home together.  

Who inspires you the most?

Mae Jameson inspires Mikayla because she wants to be an astronaut. Mae Jameson is the first Black woman to travel into space. Her mother tells us how she’s been wanting to be an astronaut for two to three years. 

Mikayla aspiring to be an astronaut inspired by a woman who looks like her is why representation matters. She also has Zoe, who helps her love her curls with confidence.

Healthy Roots Dolls/ mission is to bring the beauty of our reality to toys so children can grow up seeing themselves, loving themselves and their curls. 

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