40 Affirmations to Boost Your Kids Confidence

Affirmations help build positive self-esteem and self-love. Similar to the impact of having black dolls, affirmations improve language skills and teach empathy and compassion. Affirmations also create a solid and healthy foundation in the life of your little one.

Here are 40 positive affirmations for kids that’ll boost their confidence and joy.

  1. Everything is fine
  2. My voice matters
  3. I accept myself for who I am
  4. I am the future 
  5.  I start with a positive mindset
  6. I only compare myself to myself
  7. I can do anything
  8. I am enough 
  9. I believe in myself
  10. I am proud of myself
  11. I am a leader
  12. I am a fantastic person
  13. I love my hair 
  14. I love my curls 
  15. I am beautiful 
  16. I am healthy and happy
  17. I am smart and do great at school
  18. I am playful, fun, and creative
  19. I am unique and special
  20. I have the confidence to be myself
  21. My life is fun and filled with joy
  22. I love to learn new things
  23. I make learning fun and creative
  24. I can do anything I set my mind to
  25. I am brave
  26. I am smart
  27. I matter
  28. I am valued
  29. I am honest
  30. I am helpful
  31. I am a good friend
  32. My curls are gorgeous 
  33. I love my natural hair 
  34.  I have healthy hair 
  35. I am loved 
  36. Today is going to be a good day 
  37. I am kind to myself and others 
  38. I can learn anything 
  39. I am nice 
  40. I am worthy 

The perfect bonding moment with your kid (and Zoe), is to say them aloud. You can write affirmations on a sticky note or even in a journal for your child. 

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