Why Black Dolls Matter

Healthy Roots Dolls is a toy company that creates dolls and storybooks that empower young girls and represent the beauty of our diversity. Our first doll of color, Zoe has many curlfriends nationwide and loves them all. 

One of Zoe’s curlfriends, Maya, shared a beautiful Instagram reel highlighting the importance of doll play and the benefits of playing with black dolls like Healthy Roots Dolls Zoe. Here are some more reasons why black doll play is so important:

Teaches Empathy & Compassion

Zoe is your little one's best curlfriend. She cares for her as if she is her own. Caring for black dolls teaches your little one to empathize with others, helping them grow into caring adults.

Improve Language Skills & Cognitive Ability 

Black dolls like Zoe are so unique that your little one practices communicating with them. On a playdate or wash day, she develops creative problem-solving skills while prepping or styling Zoe’s hair. 

Develops Motor and Self-Help Skills 

Playing with black dolls like Healthy Roots Dolls Zoe develops motor skills due to her unique hair made from curl power. Since Zoe’s hair can be washed and styled like her own, she’s learning to care for her naturally curly hair.

Expands Creativity and Imagination

Your little one will encounter imaginative scenarios with dolls of color that boost their creativity. Alongside different outfits and hairstyles, the options are endless as your little one can transform dolls of color, like Zoe into other characters playing in diverse worlds.

Increases Responsibility

Your little one is not only learning how to communicate well with black dolls. She’s also learning to be responsible and take care of herself. Your little one will learn how to take care of Zoe by playing with her and taking care of her hair. 

Learning this at a young age with Zoe will help her hair in the future while keeping up with her personal belongings and helping with younger siblings. 

Black doll play helps shape children's perspective, and that's why it’s so essential for children to see themselves in the dolls they play with. That’s the mission of Healthy Roots Dolls, to bring the beauty of our reality to the toy aisle. So children can grow up seeing themselves, loving themselves and their curls. 

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