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  • Why Black Dolls Matter

    Healthy Roots Dolls is a toy company that creates dolls and storybooks that empower young girls and represent the beauty of our diversity. Our firs...

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  • 6 Family Fun Summer Activities

    Zoe’s encouraging all of her curlfriends to get out, active, and make the most out of their summer vacation. Here are some simple and fun activitie...

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  • How These Moms Embody Love, Kindness, and Pride

    Zoe is honored to be a part of families all over, and this family is one of her favorites. Meet Kat and Erin McGonigle, who welcomed Zoe into their family as their daughters Madelyn and Mackenzie’s new best friends.

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  • Over 300 dolls donated to little brown girls in need

    Every little girl deserves a doll that looks like them no matter their circumstances. Healthy Roots Doll’s mission is to teach little girls to love themselves and their curls. That’s why we partnered with Zoe’s Dolls, a non-profit that donates black dolls to girls in need.. Healthy Roots Dolls donated 300+ dolls to Zoe

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