6 Family Fun Summer Activities

Zoe’s encouraging all of her curlfriends to get out, active, and make the most out of their summer vacation. Here are some simple and fun activities you can do to create memorable moments this summer. 

Go camping in your backyard

Grab a tent, blankets, snacks, and games, and camp out in your backyard. You don’t have to go far to create a night like no other, where you’re immersed in nature. Don’t forget family story time and smores.

Have a game night

Gather the whole family and enjoy a fun family game night. From card games to board games, the options are limitless. Need any inspiration? Check out this DIY board game

Family BBQ

It’s never too late to grab the grill and have a fantastic family BBQ. You can cook great food, different games, and good music. BBQs are the perfect time to have playdates and to invite extended family and friends over.

Arts and Crafts  

Indoor or outdoors, you can have fun with simple arts and crafts with the family. Zoe loves arts and crafts. Check out all of the DIY gifts she’s made in the past.

Get active outside

Hike, go to the park, ride a bike, a scooter or have a picnic. All of these activities allow you to get vitamin D and enjoy fresh air.

Go swimming or on a boat ride

Take advantage of the nice weather and go swimming or on a boat ride. The perfect activity to help you cool off. But, before you do, check out these natural hair swimming hacks for kids.

Zoe loves hanging out with her curlfriends and joining the fun. These activities are just the start of a wonderful summer. Zoe is the best friend doll your little one didn’t know she needed. 

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