Quick and Easy DIY’s for The Family

Do it yourself (DIY) projects are fun and interactive family activities you can do year-round. This National handmade day, Zoe wants to share some of her DIY’s with her curlfriends. 

DIY gifts are the best because they are heartwarming and thoughtful. Check out these three simple DIY Christmas gift ideas that can be gifted year-round to your loved ones: 

Click here to learn more. 

Zoe loves her curls. She also likes trying new hairstyles and cute hair accessories. Nothing is cuter than making your own DIY hair bows to spice up any outfit. Click the link below to learn how to make DIY hair bows out of candy wrappers.

Families all over can have fun with a friendly game night! Have fun with your own DIY Board game that anybody in the family can enjoy:

Click here to learn more. 

Lastly, did you know styling curly hair is a DIY project in itself? Curly hair girls can learn to do different styles from box braids to bantu knots with Zoe.  

That’s what makes Zoe so special. Her hair is full of curl power, so you can wash and style it just like your own. Check out how Zoe styled living flowers in her hair:


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