Natural Hair Swimming Hacks For Kids

Summertime is around the corner and we know it’s the perfect weather to have fun in the pool. Protect your little one’s curls with these simple natural hair hacks. 

Wear Protective Styles

Braids and twists are great ways to protect your child’s hair from chlorine and salt water. These styles are low maintenance, protective, and last up to a month. Here are some of Zoe’s favorite protective styles.

Moisturize and protect the hair

If your little one gets in the water without a protective style, you can use the LCO method to lock in moisture. Water and oil do not mix. Therefore, the oil will seal the moisture into your little one’s hair will not be protecting it from the water.

Use scrunchies to tie hair up before getting into the pool

Scrunchies have more benefits to your hair than hair ties. Hair ties typically have the metal piece on the outside that snags natural hair. Scrunchies also come in satin which benefits natural hair.

Use a lot of conditioner

Conditioner adds slip and moisture to natural hair. Using conditioner prior to getting in the pool and after, to detangle before washing your little one's hair decreases the amount of breakage and pain for your little one.

Hair Style for the Pool 

  1. Add water
  2. Moisturize with conditioner or leave-in conditioner 
  3. Use a sealing oil 
  4. Two-strand twist or braid hair. 
  5. Put in a high bun or ponytail so it is out of their face when swimming.

Zoe loves watching her curlfriends have fun, especially in the pool. Remember, Zoe can not swim and is not intended for bathtub or pool play. You can find more information about how to take care of your Zoe doll here. 

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