Pixar’s “Soul” Reminds Us to Celebrate Life

Warning: Spoiler alert! We will be talking about the critical parts of the movie. 

Disney Pixar's new movie Soul is one of a kind. Jamie Foxx, Pixar's first black lead, has a historical role in this movie as Joe. Joe was a band teacher who aspired to be a famous jazz musician. As soon as Joe receives the gig of his career, his life falls short when he falls into a maintenance hole. This leads us to the question of the movie, what is our purpose in life? 

Soul is a movie that beautifully portrays black characters and experiences while diving into more in-depth conversations about how souls must find their spark in life. Our main characters Joe and 22 end up switching bodies on earth while trying to help 22 find her spark to begin her life on earth. This when the audience and Joe gain a new perspective on life. 

In the movie, before a soul can live, they must find their spark to get their “earth pass,” but do people only have one “spark”? 

Soul beautifully illustrates that people can have multiple purposes and passions in life. Alongside their passions, they can also enjoy the little things in life like eating their favorite food or walking down the street. 

Everybody should experience life, every moment in life, and take nothing for granted. Joe focuses on playing with famous jazz saxophonist Dorothea Williams. After the show, he does not feel fulfilled like he expected he would. He excitedly asks what happens next, and she says, “we come back tomorrow and do it all again.” 

Joe shockingly does not like that answer; Dorothea then explains a story to Joe that is a crucial takeaway from the movie. She describes how a little fish told a big fish how he was trying to find the ocean. When the big fish told the little fish he was in the ocean, the little fish said, “no, this is just water.” 

Sometimes people work so hard to achieve one goal they miss the other wonderful opportunities and experiences in life. When they reach that goal, they realize they’ve missed so much more. 

Everybody thinks that you are born for one purpose, and to do one thing. But that is not the case. The barbershop scene beautifully represented the experience that many black men can relate to. 22 thinks that Dez, the barber, was born to cut hair due to his expertise and love for the craft. But Dez explains that he wanted to be a veterinarian, but he decided to become a barber to support his daughter. He is fulfilled and happy in his new life path, and this is a perfect example of how multiple paths can fulfill someone.

Soul also teaches us not to obsess over stuff. When people are obsessed with things in the movie, they become “lost souls.” 22 obsessed over the negative talk in her life from the multiple mentors she's experienced in the past, which lead her to be a lost soul. 

For black and brown children nationwide, Pixar's new film represents the beauty of their skin and hair while also giving them big questions about life. As a multicultural toy company, representation is essential, just as affirming children everywhere that they can be whatever they want. But life is beyond finding one purpose to chase. Soul shows us that life is about taking every moment to learn and to live in it. To enjoy everything about life. Life is a journey and not a destination. 

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