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  • 17-Year-Old Girls Breaking Barriers In Science

    Science is a male-dominated field, but these two 17-year-old girls are breaking barriers with their research and innovative way of explaining complicated theories. Click the link to read more.

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  • Celebrating Around The World: The Joy of Lunar New Year!

    New Year is celebrated as a new and fresh start. Out with the old and everything in the previous year, while getting ready for a new beginning. Lunar New Year is different from the Gregorian calendar and typically falls on different days within January and February every year. The Lunar New Year is celebrated all over

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  • Pixar’s “Soul” Reminds Us to Celebrate Life

    What is your purpose in life?  Disney Pixar's new movie Soul is one of a kind. Check out the new lessons and life perspectives in this film. Watch Soul today on Disney+. Warning: Spoiler alert! We will be talking about the critical parts of the movie. 

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  • Why You Should Celebrate Kwanzaa

    Kwanzaa celebrates the African-American community, culture, and family. Read more about why we celebrate Kwanzaa and why you should too.

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