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  • Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories

    This women's history month the curlfriends are celebrating women who tell our stories. These women believe in justice, healthcare rights, and repre...

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  • How Native American Women Blend Passion with Duty

    Whatever she puts her mind to, she will do. Resilient and persistent women are constant themes in all nations, but these Native American women show us how they took their passions and duties to their people and formed change.

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  • Why This Black Doctor is Advocating for Women’s Health

    Two percent of practicing physicians are Black women. This National doctors day, we’re highlighting a woman a part of the 2%, whose platform supports women of all ages. We’re pleased to introduce Dr. Charis Chambers, M.D.

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  • 4 Latina Women Who Fought For All Women

    Women who fight for women are powerful. These four Latina women believed in solidarity and freedom for all women. They continuously broke barriers,...

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  • These African Women Taught Us How to Lead Fearlessly

    These African women are in high positions from the president to fearless leaders. Their fearlessness, grit, and perseverance are admirable. When young girls see women in powerful positions, it shows them that women can lead nations to victory.

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  • How These Asian Women Dared To Be The First

    Women are powerful yet often overlooked for their contributions to history. These four Asian women used their influence and dared to be the first in their accomplishments. Pushing past the limits and barriers in their way, we will explore the lives of Patsy Mink, Yuri Kochiyama, Kalpana Chawla, and Chien-Shiung Wu.

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