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  • Over 300 dolls donated to little brown girls in need

    Every little girl deserves a doll that looks like them no matter their circumstances. Healthy Roots Doll’s mission is to teach little girls to love themselves and their curls. That’s why we partnered with Zoe’s Dolls, a non-profit that donates black dolls to girls in need.. Healthy Roots Dolls donated 300+ dolls to Zoe

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  • What This Doll Means to Children

    One of Zoe’s curlfriends is Kharis, aka KK. This five-year-old melted the hearts of thousands on social media with her emotions and expressions when she met Zoe. We got the chance to speak with Kharis, her mother, and grandmother to see how her new friendship with Zoe is changing her life. 

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  • What Kamala Harris Means to Her: Political Impact on Future Leaders

    Children are the future and we have more young leaders developing in America every day. We are living through history as we witness the first Black...

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  • Why Representation Matters to Children of Color in Books

    Stories help people connect to the world. Stories help children understand different perspectives while also learning about different people and ca...

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  • Gels vs. Creams

    The styling product you choose can make or break your look. How do you know what gel or cream will maintain your child’s style? We breakdown gels vs. creams to help you make the best decision for your child’s natural hair.

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  • 6 Natural Hair Maintenance Tips for Kids

    How are you maintaining your child’s natural hair? The secret to healthy natural hair is consistency, quality, and time. Here are six natural hair maintenance tips for your child’s natural hair.

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