6 Natural Hair Maintenance Tips for Kids

It’s not about length. It’s about HEALTH.

Wash day routines and hair growth tips are important. However, these tips can help you maintain the health of your child’s natural hair. 

Check out these six natural hair maintenance tips: 

Shampoo hair regularly 

Zoe debunked the myth that dirty hair grows.  A dirty scalp leads to clogged hair follicles that can negatively impact the hair. Your child’s hair needs a healthy and clean environment to grow. Always shampoo their hair regularly on wash day. 

Trim their ends

The best way to maintain the health of your child’s hair is to trim their ends early before it is too late. Neglected split ends continue to split up the hair shaft resulting in cutting more hair during the trim.

Protect their hair at night 

Using a good quality satin bonnet will protect their hair from the friction of your pillowcase resulting in split ends and dry hair. It is crucial to get a satin bonnet that will not fall off at night. Click here for all of the benefits of wearing a satin bonnet.

Try styles that last a week (or longer)

 Protective styles are great because they are low manipulation and protect your child's ends from splitting. Low manipulation styles require little to no touching and maintenance. Picking a hairstyle that will last throughout the school/work week saves you time and maintains your child’s hair’s health. Braids typically last longer than twist. Click here to see classic hairstyles Zoe loves. 

Properly moisturize and seal her hair

 When choosing the style for the week or month, it is imperative to ensure that you are moisturizing her hair. The LCO and LOC methods ensure her natural hair will stay moisturized for the duration of the hairstyle.  

Painlessly and adequately detangle your child’s natural hair

 Detangling is a process. It is a necessary step in every wash day. Click here to learn this simple and easy way to detangle your child’s hair painlessly.  

Incorporate these tips into your weekly routine to maintain the health of your child’s natural hair. As your mini gets older, she can even learn how to do her hair to help you out.  Zoe is here to help your child learn how to love her curly natural hair while also learning the necessary steps it takes to care for her curls. Zoe has curlfriends nationwide and loves meeting new ones. 

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