8 Ways to Grow Longer Natural Hair

Have you ever thought that your natural hair stopped growing? 

It hasn’t. Your hair is always growing, but to boost your natural hair growth past a certain length requires you to care for your natural hair and retain the length. Natural hair length retention is the key to maintaining  new growth and length. Natural hair length retention is directly related to hair care methods and hair manipulation. 

Check out these natural hair length retention tips:

Wear protective styles

Protective styles are great because they are low manipulation and protect your ends from splitting. Low manipulation styles require little to no touching and maintenance. Low manipulation is essential because the more you touch your hair, the more opportunities to damage your hair. Click here to check out Zoe’s favorite protective styles for the winter

Let your hair air dry

Using a towel on your natural hair can cause breakage due to friction. Instead, let your hair air dry or dry your hair with a t-shirt. A cotton fiber shirt does not strip your hair, reduces friction and frizziness.

Moisturize your hair 

Sebum is produced in natural hair that helps coat and moisturizes the scalp and hair. However, Sebum slowly travels down the hair shaft, which is why it is important to moisturize and coat your hair strands. The LCO and LOC methods ensure your natural hair is moisturized and helps your natural hair maintain moisture for days.

Trim your ends

The best way to keep all of your lengths is to trim your ends early before it is too late. Neglected split ends continue to split up the hair shaft resulting in cutting more hair during your trim.

Protect your hair at night

Using a good quality satin bonnet will protect your hair from the friction of your pillowcase resulting in split ends and dry hair. Click here for all of the benefits of wearing a satin bonnet.


Properly detangle your natural hair

Detangling is a process. But when done correctly, it is beneficial because you are not damaging your natural hair. Check out this simple and easy way to painlessly detangle you and your child’s hair

Protect your ends

The ends of your natural hair are the oldest. Therefore, you have to protect, moisturize, and care for the ends of your natural hair daily. You can protect your ends by wearing protective styles or even tucking them under when you wear a bun. Your ends are protected anytime they are not exposed in a hairstyle.

Drink water

Healthy natural hair starts from within. Drinking water leads to clear skin and hair that will flourish. Water removes toxins from your body. Water also stimulates the nerves in your scalp that increases hair growth. Based on your body weight and activity level, you can calculate how much water you should drink per day.

Alongside being healthy, also be patient. Having natural hair is a journey, not a race. Embrace your curls and love the crown that you have. That is why we made Zoe. Zoe teaches little girls to love their curly natural hair and to embrace the process. 

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