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  • 6 Family Fun Summer Activities

    Zoe’s encouraging all of her curlfriends to get out, active, and make the most out of their summer vacation. Here are some simple and fun activitie...

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  • Why Music Would Be Nothing Without Black People

    Black people have contributed to many music genres beyond hip hop, r&b, reggae, and afro-pop. Here are some of the other genres black people contributed to overtime.

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  • How These Moms Embody Love, Kindness, and Pride

    Zoe is honored to be a part of families all over, and this family is one of her favorites. Meet Kat and Erin McGonigle, who welcomed Zoe into their family as their daughters Madelyn and Mackenzie’s new best friends.

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  • What Jojo Siwa Teaches Us About Authenticity

    Jojo Siwa, also known as the Hannah Montana of her generation, is best known for her bright-colored bow, beautiful sequence, and positive influence on young kids. Children who grew up with Jojo talking about topics they could relate to and spreading joy. Below are the key lessons we can learn from Jojo’s life.

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  • Why is Simone Biles the GOAT? Because She Is

    Simone Biles has seven all-around US gymnastics championships, being the only woman in US history to hold the most wins. One of the greatest gymnasts of all time teaches little girls so many lessons in her life. Here are some of our biggest takeaways from Simone and why we love her.

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  • 5 Things We Wouldn't Have Without Immigrants

    Zoe has curlfriends all over and loves to highlight their accomplishments. June is immigrant heritage month so Zoe is emphasizing the inventions Americans would not have if it weren’t for immigrants.

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