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  • "Why I Created Healthy Roots Dolls" - Our Founder Story

    Hey Curlfriend, On behalf of the entire Healthy Roots Family, I want to welcome you to our curl revolution #PowerToThePuff personally.  @theyelits...

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  • Confirmed: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is the First Black Women to Serve on the Supreme Court

    The Senate confirmed Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, making her the first Black woman to serve on the supreme court. Judge Jackso...

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  • The GOAT: Top Paid Black Female Athletes

    Forbes recently released their Top Paid Athletes list, and by no surprise, 50%  of the sports have black girl magic running them.  According to For...

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  • Jada Pinkett Smith’s Alopecia is Not A Joke

    During the 2022 Oscar Awards, Chris Rock went too far as he joked about Jada Pinkett Smith being the next “G.I. Jane” because her head is shaved ba...

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  • 40 Affirmations to Boost Your Kids Confidence

    Affirmations help build positive self-esteem and self-love. Similar to the impact of having black dolls, affirmations improve language skills and t...

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  • Why Black Dolls Matter

    Healthy Roots Dolls is a toy company that creates dolls and storybooks that empower young girls and represent the beauty of our diversity. Our firs...

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